Ori Mi;  Multi channel video instillation

Ori Mi, Ejika, Orunkun, ese... tire ni Oluwa, patapata - My head, shoulders, knees, toes... all belong to God. 

In Ori Mi, phantom limbs and organs float up and around the multi screen display, psychedelic patterns, and disembodied male hands controls give soft caress that eventually lead to deadly choke hold. 

This seriocomic installation interrogates the  conceptions of God, patriarchy, and ordnance. In the piece God, two morphic hand, functions as a stand in for male authority, which subjugated, smothers, but also seduces. 

The song 'Ori mi' is a childhood nursery rhyme. which states the your body did not belong to you but was god. All children who attended a Nigerian school or church know this tune very well. The song had a special resignation for girls. who are thought for the start, to 'keep' their bodies so they may be given away to some sort of male authority. The multi channel video functions as a visual treatise on the implication of such a system, the conflation of God and man, and the implications on female autonomy.