Olodo - video installation.

RT: 3.00; Perpetual picks a fight with her teacher, and finds they are not evenly matched.

The omnipotent teacher calls out to class for volunteers. Perpetual, the only student, eagerly raises her hands, the teacher deliberates and decided to call on Perpetual and task her to spell her name. Being a bright girl, perpetual answers correctly. She returns to her seat. The teacher offended that she took her seat before being directly asked, calls her to task again promising today 'waa gba'. He proceeds to hurl insulting and challenging terms at her. She gets them all correctly. She is familiar with these terms. Then the teacher changes tactics, and calls out several positive words, each word getting more remedial. Perpetual is at a loss... the teacher asks the final word 'good'. Perpetual knows what is coming. The teacher, as promised, beats her. She returns to her seat crying and subordinate. A new iteration of the same video begins again. 

Olodo functions a visual representation of the Nigerian public school system, playing on the provincial and inherited set up from the colonial rulers. The video attempts to address the gaps in this maladapted method and question the structure of Nigerian systems as a whole. The language switches back from english to yoruba. Yoruba being the language where the true plot and intentions of the short video is revealed and english being the 'dialectic' moments for the student.