This video was completed as part of an ongoing project initiative with Videonale, Changing Cities Shifting Spaces.  

In His Hands, 2016 RT: 4.13

METHOD: video collected from and around Onikan - lagos island, Nigeria. Was juxtaposed with footage from Bath, London. 

PROJECT WRITE UP: changing city shifting spaces: Bath was the last city I visited before my move to Lagos in 2014. The city has beautiful roman cathedrals. It was allegedly the start of "civilisation" in the UK as the Romans took over the Territory centuries ago. With the introduction of the roman sensibly, England grew to the imperial nation it is today. 

From where comes my help? 
The roman occupation was undoubtedly an unfavourable happening, however it was the beginning of the rise of England.

There are similarities between that occupation and that of the English occupation of lagos. 
I use religious metaphors and motifs to extend my questioning.

He who controls everything... is the source of the help and the trouble. As a child, I learned the tune "he's got the whole world". A cute children's hymn meant to bring solace and to console in times of stress. For me, however, I always wondered, If truly he has "the whole world" then as good things are attributed to him then all bad and malicious things ought to be also.... and where does that leave me?